Get Paid To Travel And See The United States

Published: 23rd March 2010
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Driveaway has become a booming business because of online auctions and online classifieds! Because of this, you can travel the states, driving the nicest cars, and get paid to do it!

I have driven Corvette, Miata, Mercedes, Lincoln, Cadillac, SUVs, Light Trucks and Motor Homes! I've driven in all 48 lower United States, into Alaska and into Canada, all while delivering vehicles for people that have purchased them online!

I've seen the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Rocky Mountains, many parts of the Atlantic coast, many parts of the Pacific coast, the Gulf of Mexico, all five Great Lakes, Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, the Petrified Forest, Erie Canal, Hudson River, Mount Rushmore, the motorcycle rally in Sturgis, ND...and still seeing more every trip!!

I've seen the vastness of the plains, the stillness of the deserts, the majesty of the mountains, rolling hills, ocean beaches, mountain lakes, awesome sunsets and awesome sunrises, and the most beautiful moonlit many beautiful sights in the most beautiful places of our nation!!

Driveaway is a business, but it can be a great opportunity to travel, also! One doesn't have to go into the driveaway business full time! Want to go to Orlando? Join a "free membership" site, as a service provider, find a vehicle going that way and start bidding!

Winning a bid will create cash for your trip, at least one-way or part-way, and save some of your air flight or fuel costs that would be incurred by driving! Just deliver the car, enjoy your vacation and make arrangements to get home! In fact, you could bid on a second vehicle, in the area of your vacation spot, and make money on the trip home, also! Arranging deliveries, both ways, is what makes my business profitable, and there is no reason that it can't be done in this situation!

There are, also, "driveaway companies" that hire, on a contract basis, the delivery of vehicles by individuals. Some of these will require a cash deposit that is refunded when the vehicle is delivered safely. Most will have a 21 year old or a 23 year old minimum requirement for their drivers. These companies provide the first tank of fuel, usually.

However, I prefer the free membership site, as it allows you to bid only on the vehicles that you want to drive, allowing you to choose the vehicle and the destination with no pressure to bid on anything else! Also, there is no minimum or maximum of jobs that you accept! The type of vehicle and the destination is all posted for you to see!

In these sites, you will include your pay, your expenses and the fuel in the bid, and when a bid is accepted the shipper pays you for all of these expenses as pre-arranged by you and the shipper during the bidding process! Want to be paid before the trip? Detail it in your bid and you will be when the bid is accepted! You put no money up front and have no monthly membership fees! Drive when you want and no more!

So, it is possible to make a trip, or many trips, and get paid for doing so! I have made a business out of driving, but I also have seen many sights and spent many leisure hours in the grandest places in our nation!

Click here and check it out! You will be surprised how easy it is get started, see how you can get paid to travel and you may decide that it is something you want to do full time!

Terry Grimes
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